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Truck Accidents in California: Why You Need a Burbank, CA Personal Injury Lawyer ASAP

Being involved in a truck accident means you need to get in touch with an experienced Burbank, CA, personal injury lawyer immediately. Any accident that involves large trucks or commercial trucks of any scale will be devastating on multiple levels.

Vehicle occupants can suffer from a myriad of life-threatening and debilitating injuries, including spinal cord injuries, paralysis, seat belt injuries, rib injuries, torso damage, lacerations in different parts of the body, internal hemorrhaging and other internal injuries, head injuries, broken bones, neck injuries, and back injuries.

This long list of potential injuries indicates that truck accidents in California are a hundred percent catastrophic in any scenario. Immediately working with a Burbank, CA personal injury lawyer can help protect you and your family from the other side’s legal team and possibly, the insurance company’s lawyers, too.

Why Are Truck Accidents Always Catastrophic?

It has everything to do with proportion. Commercial trucks can weigh up to eighty tons. Passenger vehicles average five tons. A full collision means a five-ton car will be forced to interact with the force and power of eighty tons of rolling metal on any of California’s busy highways.

There is no way that a passenger vehicle can withstand that amount of weight or force. As a result, the risk of death is much higher in significant truck accidents. A Burbank, CA personal injury lawyer would know as much, and experienced attorneys will work quickly to bring justice and compensation to their clients.

A few years ago, a staggering 83% of fatalities resulting from truck accidents came from the side of those riding in passenger vehicles. Significant to this accident type is that truck accident victims come not just from those who rode or drove cars but also pedestrians and those riding much fewer substantial modes of transportation, such as bicycles. Less than twenty percent of those who died were depending on or driving the large trucks. Lower speeds offer little comfort to those involved in accidents.

Even slower-speed crashes can result in passenger vehicles being thoroughly crushed by large commercial trucks. A giant truck can rear-end a passenger vehicle in unfortunate scenarios, and the passenger vehicle is sandwiched between the car in the front and the truck behind it. Indeed, some scenarios offer no escape from the catastrophic crash.

Multiple factors can cause truck accidents in any state. A Burbank, CA, personal injury lawyer with many years of experience shares the most common elements:

1.  Lack of familiarity with the road

2.  Commercial truck drivers have little or insufficient training

3.  The truck driver was following the passenger vehicle too closely

4.  Drunk driving

5.  Effects of prescription medication

6.  Illegal drug use

7.  Reckless driving

8.  Over-speeding

9.  Drowsy driving and driver fatigue

Other factors contribute to these crashes. For example, driving in poor weather conditions affect road visibility and vehicle control. Accidents can also occur if the truck has been improperly loaded or existing mechanical issues have yet to be addressed by the responsible parties. Some formal investigations have also revealed that the lack of proper and regular maintenance also contributes to large truck crashes.

A Burbank, CA personal injury lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the root of the truck accident. These accidents are complex, and many specialists and professionals may be involved in the formal study, from start to finish. Experts may include engineers, mechanics, and accident reconstructionist professionals.

All of these efforts are geared toward arriving at the cause of the truck accident, which will be subsequently presented in court to obtain a financial recovery from the truck owner or the insurance company involved.

Why is the cause of the accident so important? The cause of the accident determines who is responsible for it. All the parties involved must be named. Those responsible for contributing to the crash should be liable for damages. A Burbank, CA personal injury lawyer will strive to create the conditions necessary to obtain maximum compensation for the victims.

Different parties may be held liable by the court in truck accident cases in California. These parties may include government entities, repair companies, maintenance companies, truck manufacturers, truck part manufacturers, shippers, loaders, the trucking company that owns the truck involved in the crash, and of course, the truck driver.

In many cases, truck drivers involved in such accidents will also lose their employment and may have a hard time being hired again for a similar role in another company. 

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