Common Lemon Law Car Make and Models

California Lemon Law protects consumers when newly purchased motor vehicles are defective and cannot be fully repaired after a reasonable number of attempts.

Consumers must have the option to ask for a replacement vehicle or for a refund, whichever is most favorable. If you think an LA dealership has given you a lemon, you can get the fastest and most efficient resolution to your problem with the help of an LA lemon law attorney.

An LA lemon law attorney can help you deal with an errant dealership so that you can get your refund or replacement vehicle. Don’t let dealerships determine what happens to your hard-earned money – consult with an LA lemon law attorney today.

Through the years, several car make and models have become notable because of the number of lemons’ reports. Do you have any of these models?

1. Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze came out in 2011 and was subsequently recalled by the manufacturer because of a dangerous defect in the steering wheel column. There are cases where the steering wheel is completely detached from the steering wheel column.

Additionally, models going back to 2009 also had this problem. If the steering wheel of a car detaches from the column, the driver will lose control of the vehicle completely.

Such a dangerous defect, indeed! Another common defect was an improperly installed transmission shift, which prevented the driver from restarting the car.

Some Cruzes also rolled away from the driver after the driver disembarked from the vehicle. It was also observed that the Cruze’s fuel tank separated during a crash, which increased the risk of a fuel leak. The Cruze’s braking system was also defective. Owners reported an intermittent loss of brake assist and pump during the car’s operation.

2. GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia has many standards and often complex issues that prevented the regular and safe operation. The Acadia was reported to have surged and stalled at the time. This model’s cooling system is also inconsistent and often overheated or suffered from leaks.

The warning lights also tended to blink off due to power loss (a severe problem in the vehicle’s electrical system). Fuses also burned out unexpectedly, and the headlights sometimes did not activate while the Acadia was being operated. Owners also reported “service engine soon” error light problems and an inexplicable consumption of too much engine oil.

The Acadia’s engine also misfired and knocked. The power steering system was usable and essentially defective, and the airbag system serving the passenger seat has failed.

The Acadia’s transmission system also had problems on top of stability control issues and traction defects. Drivers reported ABS brake warning errors, too. The Acadia had so many cases no one would ever feel safe driving one as the problems stretched from the headlights to the transmission system.

3. Chevrolet Silverado

Though the defect of the Silverado was minor compared to the variety of defects of the GMC Acadia, it was no less severe. This 2016 model was recalled by the car manufacturer because the mounting stud used to install the diagnostic module and the airbag sensor were incorrectly positioned.

Eventually, the mounting stud fractured from the weight and vibration during operation. The module finally received an inflow of water, causing it to malfunction. While this defect did not interfere with steering or any of the essential systems, it did result in the airbags not deploying when they needed to. This meant that the driver and passengers were at risk in the event of a crash because the airbags will not deploy.

4.  Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger suffered from design errors. The most notable was the tendency of the instrument cluster to fail. Readings may fall to zero. The Vehicle Theft Alarm light also did not turn off, which experts say might result in an increased risk of crashing.

There was also the issue with the O-ring seal on the crossover house in the fuel rail. This defect posed an increased fire hazard. The airbag on the driver’s side also seemed to have been improperly mounted. There may be a missing mounting bolt involved.

This defect prevents the airbag on the driver’s side from activating in the event of a crash. The number of vulnerabilities and weaknesses found in the Dodge Challenger makes it an unsafe ride. The Challenger’s radio also has particular software vulnerabilities that essentially allow hackers to access vehicle control systems.  

These models only represent a small percentage of the totality of lemon models in California and elsewhere. Your best protection against dealerships who don’t want dear somewhat is still an expert LA lemon law attorney with many years of experience going up against car dealerships. 

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